Lukenya Hill, a Rock Climbers Paradise


Approximately 32kms East of Nairobi, just off the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. This hill offers climbers rock faces of all difficulties from ‘Jacobs ladder’ – the complete novices climb to a Rock face that’s said to be the Most difficult in the region!
The hill also offers hiking trails and an ‘experiencial camp’ called ‘Dulous’.
Accomodation nearby include ‘Acacia Camp'(along main road), Kusyombumbuo Getaway (off the highway), and Maanzoni Lodge about 10kms away just off the highway.

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A Day Out With Children In Nairobi

A day out with children in a nature surrounding is both fulfilling, Hilarious and Tiring (((((((but well spent!)))). It also gives numerous opportunities for photography. Ooh and does their mischief come out with new space!!!

Facing wildlife

Face to Face with a giraffe!

Children viewing a white rhino@Nairobi safari walk

Children@Nairobi safari walk