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When the rains begins…life..

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Experiencing ‘ The giraffe Manor’

Is Nairobi adopting to Changes in the intl Tourism Market place!?


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while i do not advocate for some of the things being done on the international stage, at least i recognise massive changes have taken place in offerings to visitors worldwide. From living in 1km tall buildings to visiting savanna parks to see african wildlife you previously had to travel to a new continent(Africa) to see ..

Today there are even more creative ways and replications + interactions with African wildlife in manners people only read about in pre colonial journals

African Pigmy Hippo

The African River Horse otherwise known as hippopotamus is quite common in wild swamps and fresh water lakes of Africa.However he has a lesser known cousin ‘The Pigmy Hippo’ who is not only not known by even locals but is never a part of the tourism packageTo see ‘one’ while in Nairobi visit the Nairobi Safari Walk.